Monday, December 28, 2015

Wise Men to Witnesses

The final sermon in the "Silent Night to Glorious Day" series will direct us to what role the Magi played in the story of Jesus and how they bore witness of God faithfulness and forgiveness to all people. But this witness pales in comparison to the witnesses that come at the end. The real question is: Are we looking and witnessing the next arrival of Jesus Christ?

Monday, December 21, 2015

RMC Worship - "Manger to Throne"

This is the third message is the series, From Silent Night to Glorious Day.
This week is "Manger to Throne"

Monday, December 14, 2015

RMC Worship "Donkey to Horse"

Here is the second sermon in the "Silent Night to Glorious Day" Series.  This week is "Donkey to Horse".

Monday, December 7, 2015

RMC Worship "Wonder To Worship"

Here is the first sermon in the series "Silent Night to Glorious Day".  Lead pastor Aaron Benner's sermon, "Wonder To Worship" begins the Christmas series.  
We celebrate Christmas to look back and remember the birth of Christ the Lord. The humility that he showed us in coming as a baby, and the pride that God took in HIS son being born move us to wonder. (Luke 2:18) God sent angels to declare his birth to an unexpected group, the shepherds. The humility and majesty of this picture is amazing, but there is an even more majestic picture painted of Christ in Revelation 5. Christ did not remain a baby, but grew as a perfect man to be wrongfully killed, then resurrected. In heaven we see scriptures unfold a picture of a mighty King. A Lion turned Lamb for us. We hear thousands upon thousands of angels singing a new song and the 4 creatures falling to the ground. The scene closes with everything in heaven falling and worshiping God and Christ. So will you this Christmas fall to your knees and worship Christ? That’s our prayer through this sermon. May God’s word encourage you greatly!

Monday, August 24, 2015

A Discussion on Homosexuality

As we look at being on mission with Christ, we must realize one of the biggest cultural issues we will come up against is homosexuality and we must have a Biblical perspective, the Biblical answer, and a Christ-like attitude.  In these three discussions we will deal with questions like, "Is homosexuality a sin?", "What if a person is born that way?",  "Isn't love enough?", "How should we respond?"  What will be our response as we study God's Word to live lives that reflect the love and light of Jesus.

Here are the three sermons in this series.

Discussion on Homosexuality, Part 1

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 Discussion on Homosexuality, Part 2

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Discussion on Homosexuality, Part 3

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Back to School - Sunday, August 23 2015

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